Volume XVII  Issue II                                                      THE POST                                                     February 22nd, 2017



                                                 Month of February Focus 


Does your family know where your DD-214, or other discharge paperwork, can be found? 


Please check to make sure we have correct birthdays and all your information on file.  This is each of our responsibilities.  We are sorry if we send you a birthday card and it’s the wrong date.  Each of us should be checking every so often just to update our files.  We only have information that you yourself personally give us.

                        Sick Call for the month of February


Robert Lewis, Sal Estrada, Lou Lonero, Tom Chambers, Richard Balboa, Richard 

Hook, Edmund Stangel, Warren Koerner, Edward J. Kmiec, Ralph Bechtold, Anthony 

Cimo, Geno Montalbano, Ronald Siemienos.


Birthdays for the month of March

George Kuczero (6), Anthony (Tony) Katzmark (6), Julio Ayala (7), 

Ernest  Azua (9), Gene Sinclair (10), Larry West (10), Len Howard 

(11), Melvin Benakovich (14), Patrick (Pat) Rafferty (14), Warren Koerner (17), Juaniita O. Green (18),   

Gregory Farrell (18), John  J. Manestar (18), Stephan Roupp (18), Keneth Rimkus (19),  Robert Swanson (19), 

Ronald Vezina (19), Norman Wiedow (27), Carl Palucki (28), Patrick T. Molloy (30), Joseph (Joe) Willett (30), 

George Krone, Sr. (30)