Volume XVII  Issue II                                    THE POST                               February 22nd, 2017

Jr. Vice Commander’s Call

I’d Like to take the time to thank everyone who came out to celebrate our annual Christmas Party, which experienced snags this year.  I hope everyone and their guests enjoyed themselves.  Thank you for coming.

Next on our agenda is the upcoming Poppy Drive.  I’d like to ask everyone to please clear their calendars for two separate weekends this spring.  Our dates have been already reserved in two of our stores.  We will be out on the weekend of Friday, April 21st and Saturday, April 22nd, at Walmart and Oak Forest Jewel only.  On Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th, we will be out at all of our other 8 locations.  Please remember that we will be needing each and every one of you for the entire weekend.  Hope to see everyone signing up to help.  Good things happen when everyone steps up and helps.  Hope to see everyone out for our Poppy Drive.

Thank you all for your support,

Dan Bralia, Jr. Vice Commander

Senior Vice Commander’s Call

We are at 172 paid members this month. We all know people who are veterans who can join. Don’t forget if that you recruit them you get a Shiny NEW Pin for your cap. This coming membership year the 5 year memberships are available also. This makes things easier for all. I would like to personally thank the Jr. Vice Commander, Dan Braglia, for the excellent job he did during the Christmas/Holiday/Legion Party last month. Don’t forget our coffee get togethers on Mondays and Fridays.

Daniel Ashley

Sr. Vice Commander 

With elections approaching we will need help filling the many positions that will be opening up.  If you have never held an office, please consider doing so.  

With Respects, 

Jerry Ashley, Judge Advocate